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Fun For Cure, Inc.

Where the Journey is the Goal!

914 588 5069

Mailing Address: 

188 Garth Road #6X

Scarsdale, New York 10583




Florence Pecoraro-Egan - Founder/President/Board Chair

Diane Babu - Co-Chair/Vice President 

Arlene Heide - Secretary

John Pecoraro/Flo Pecoraro-Egan - Interim Treasurers

 Alfia Monastra - Treasury Advisor


Victoria Magee - 2017 - 2019 Fundraising Consultant/Representative

Edward Flower, Trustee - Bernard Malberg Charitable Trust Donor 

Phil Gigante - Fun For Cure, Inc. Program Coordinator/Leader

Mariah Cameron - Fun For Cure, Inc. Program Coordinator/Leader


2018 - 2019 Interim Advisory Board Committee

Denise Stone  CoFounder and Chief Financial Officer, Tracker Group, New Jersey

Phil Gigante  Jazz Musician/Instructor, Westchester County, New York

Alfia Monastra  Former Vice President and Product Manager, Wells Fargo Bank, NY

Carole Schraudner  Special Ed, BOCES and Parent/Child Counselor at Achieve Beyond, NY


Prospective Advisory Board Committee Members

Jennifer Morgan  Childcare Consultant, Cultural Care Au Pair, Dobbs Ferry, NY

Christina O'Neill  Special Needs Parent Rep,  Catechist Annunciation Parish, NY 


Email or call us at - 914 588 5069




Our programs and services are as many and varied as are YOU!!!   Our members initiate all our programs, events, and activities!    What do YOU want and need for your child?   And for FREE!   Just give us a call at 914 588 5069 or just sign up for our FREE membership!   We look forward to sharing in your family's quality of life! 




Fun For Cure, Inc. has been incorporated since 2009 and determined as a 501(c)(3) since February 2010.

Fun For Cure, Inc. has never charged  membership fee or any charges for refreshments. 

In our effort to keep costs and fees low, our therapeutic recreation programs utilize all our donated facilities, materials, and refreshments. 

Also, through trial and error, we have found that our experienced and dedicated volunteers, rather than paid employees, bring a special compassionate effort into our services that could not be matched!  That's not to say that our independent professional contractors are less significant to our mission and quality of work.   We hope to afford more paid workers within our operation in the year 2016.  Our current board of directors is searching for committee leaders to help us with just that task.  Our passive fundraising history has led to a greater need for more cost effective programing especially this coming fiscal year, so that we may continue our FREE membership and services!  But we wouldn't have it any other way!  It is not our policy to aggressively solicit funds!  We are sure that our mission will pay for itself by remaining efficient, effective, and purposeful!  When there's a will, there's a way....   and our journey is our goal!

We are working on our archive documents so that we may collaborate them into our bi-annual newsletters and pamphlets...    these will be available to view from past years for historical purposes!  Also view our website from years past right here....  Enjoy!



2010 – 1011 TESTIMONIALS…



During the spring of 2011, I decided to take time away from the securities industry and choose between two options presented to me: Attend the U of Tx: McCombs School of Business or accept a new position with a well known Investment Bank. Wanting to consume this moment in life to broaden my horizon, volunteering presented me the perfect vehicle to do so.

It was during this period that I met Florence Egan, the founder of Fun For Cure Inc.

Florence is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Counselor, and the backbone for providing services to children with disabilities.

Volunteering at FFC has been both a challenge and an extremely rewarding experience.

This organization has shown growth in two very important aspects: community outreach and therapeutic services. Participating in events such as the Westchester County: 9-11 Volunteer Expo and the Halloween Fright Festival have helped increase awareness and support for our mission: recreational therapy for children with disabilities.

Furthermore, we also unveiled an exciting new tennis program for our members. FFC can now provide children with a safe non-threatening environment to either play casually, or receive a lesson from a former NCAA player.

Utilizing my business/advisory skills to help expand this organization has been a rewarding experience. I am proud to be associated with Fun For Cure Inc., and to support Florence who has become a true friend to me.


- David S. Lee

Business Consultant

Fun For Cure, Inc. Volunteer Services

Scarsdale, NY



Carolyn Hale

Fun for Cure, 501(3) (C)

Volunteer & Community Advocate


My role as a volunteer at Fun for Cure, inc. really began to develop during a yearly convention held in White Plains, NY.  An estimated hundred NGO’s from around the area assembled to share the programs they offer to better serve their community and environment.   In wandering from table to table, speaking with various organizations, I quickly realized that I needed to gather information from those organizations with the potential to share (I.e., give and take) something in common with out own organization.  One, for example, was the Veteran Administration of Yonkers, NY, who serves their vets well but cannot provide assistance to family, spouses, or children.  There was my first opening for mutually beneficial partnership! 

                It is important to make note that in my experience as a volunteer at Fun For Cure, Inc., what I liked the most about it was that there were few volunteers who could produce a lot.  I learned that personal motivation is more productive than more personnel.  Anyway, another highlight came later in the year, when we held a Fun For Cure, inc. Halloween Party!  We spent a great deal of time preparing signs and invitations and decorating for the event; and though the turnout was not as large as anticipated, those who did come and those of us working there had a wonderful time.  It was certainly sight-seer in busy downtown Dobbs Ferry.

                It was at this time that I realized we really needed to push FFC, Inc’s message and awareness beyond the borders of the small town.  To grow, we needed a greater physical reach and needed to widen our scope beyond the limits of a small town.  To reach the more people and more communities we would need the use of web, news articles, and social networking.  And thus, we continue today to spread our message about the wonderful programs we offer and the variety of people we care for!  This is an organization that is only advancing and growing, and yet, it started solely with the good heart and selfless generosity of one woman, Florence Egan. 




2014 - 2017 TESTIMONIALS


"Very dedicated volunteers always trying to come up with new and fun things to do
for our kids and families."
- GuideStar client served, Westchester County

"Great nonprofit. True, honest work being done with amazingly kind staff."
- Guide Star client served, Westchester County
"Flo is so nurturing and wonderful with the children. Our community is so blessed to have her!"
- D.M.Tracey



"Fun for Cure tennis lived up to its name: it was lots of fun for my daughter. The organizers did so many things right -- from setting goals before every session, to providing healthy snacks, to enlisting buddies who enhanced the social experience. As a tennis player myself, I am thrilled to see my daughter's newly found enthusiasm for the sport."

- Ann Horowitz, Westchester County, NY


"I looked forward to tennis every Friday. My favorite part was when I met Adelise, who was a buddy. I got better at tennis by practicing my forehand. We played games and there were prizes. I liked the snacks that Florence and Adelise brought. "

- Carly, Westchester County, NY



"This was the first experience at tennis for my 11yr old ASD son and it was terrific.  Practicing eye/hand coordination and timing; tennis was a perfect exercise for him.  Thank you." 

- Lisa Colin, Westchester County, NY


Rating: 5

Creative endeavor by the founder Florence PECORARO EGAN. This Fun for Cure is an outstanding venture. Started on a shoe string which has evolved into a significant organization built on her outstanding strengths.
The young people who benefit will never forget this experience and the ingenuity of the founder. We are blessed to have people like this in our midst.


General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

My son absolutely loves these programs! The atmosphere is calm , fun, and inclusive. We can’t wait to sign up for our next clas




Rating: 5

Really great company to work with. The owner deeply cares about the children and their families' and it is clear that it is her passion to make sure these kids have an amazing experience. I am glad that I worked with Fun For Cure, Inc. this summer because it allowed insight into the special needs community, insight that I did not yet have prior to volunteering. Overall, it has been an incredible experience and I would recommend this company to any family looking to introduce therapeutic recreation into their children's lives.

Previous Stories

General Member of the Public

Rating: 5

Great nonprofit. True, honest work being done with amazingly kind staff.



Volunteer 08/27/2018

Rating: 5


It was an absolute pleasure working with Fun For Cure, Inc.! I am a musician who recently performed at Cafe E4:2 to raise money for Fun For Cure, Inc. and wow! I was blown away by the tremendous dedication and love that they have for their work. They were so welcoming to everyone at the coffee shop and greeted my fellow musicians and I with open arms! They drew in a large crowd into this small coffee shop to help raise money for their cause and it really left a positive impression on me.


Client Served 08/27/2018

Rating: 5


My autistic daughter has been wanting to play tennis since she was very young. I did not know if she could handle the sensory sights and sounds that come along with the game. Fun for Cure was there to offer an introductory, modified version with a gentle, guiding hand until she adjusted. My daughter has now completely embraced tennis and we have plans for her to take unmodified tennis this fall! We could not have done this without Fun for Cure's modified and affordable option making it possible for my daughter to transition into a typical tennis setting.

We have gone on to take advantage of other events Fun for Cure has offered and it is always amazing! They have always been able to navigate the sights, sounds and other sensory triggers to help the children seamlessly ease into the activity. They even successfully offered Drum sessions!!

This organization is an invaluable asset to children who need special attention to partake in activities others take for granted. The whole time keeping it affordable while doing it.

Fun for Cure is only further enhanced by its founder, Florence Egan, who with her nurturing guidance and personable dedication, makes every event a warm and welcoming success.

Fun for Cure has made a real difference in the life of my daughter and I am grateful to have this organization in our community where it can make the same positive impact on others who need it too!


General Member of the Public 08/26/2018

Rating: 5


I highly recommend Fun For Cure, Inc. when considering a nonprofit to donate to.


Besides the obvious business and ethics approvals (which they have), I'd like to think any organization is only as good as the officers and volunteers you meet and actually deal with. In my case, I've had the pleasure to work with Flo Egan, who exudes kindness, dedication, and enthusiasm for Fun For Cure, Inc. well beyond any expectations I had.


Please consider this Nonprofit for future donations. They are wonderful!


Frank D'Erasmo, Westchester County, NY


All great charities begin and end with the vision, passion and integrity of their founder and staff. Flo Pecoraro-Egan embodies everything you would want in an advocate piloting Fun For Cure. I worked with Flo on a couple of events, and her tireless, yet loving demeanor made my participation very rewarding. This is a great nonprofit doing important work directed by a very capable staff. I recommend supporting them.Donor 10/31/2017


Client Served 08/16/2018

Rating: 5


Energetic, caring, loving, welcoming.

My daughter enjoyed their program this summer. We are hoping to join more activities with them.


Writer Professional with expertise in this field 08/16/2018

Rating: 5


What a great experience being able to work with Flo Egan and her organization. She provided great support to my music classes with enthusiastic volunteers. The kids were great and each shared in the musical experience. David Meyers -


LisaCM Client Served 08/16/2018

Rating: 5


Fun For Cure !!! Fabulous experience for our family. Flo has endless energy and has arranged events and activities that are fun and accessible. Lake Isle Tennis was awesome, staff was terrific, hopefully that will continue. Thanks, Flo!


General Member of the Public 10/31/2017

Rating: 5


Excellent non-profit! Full of love to help children with chronic illness or special needs experience fun therapeutic recreation! Many blessings!❤️










Bio for F.Egan (1).pdf
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Fun For Cure, Inc. is a tax exempt non-profit public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Fun For Cure, Inc. was created for the purpose of relieving the distress and hardship in children with chronic and medical conditions or special needs and their families by providing the opportunities for group support, quality time, recreational endeavors and fulfilling experiences.  Our mission is FUN!!!




Our objectives are to provide the opportunities for members to socialize, support one another, and discuss or plan motivational activities for the children and other members. Also, to implement activities and organize events that the children wish to pursue. We also provide resource information through our professional membership and associates. We advocate for the children and their families and we support them as much as our resources will provide. We encourage positive outlooks and help promote the health and well-being of all our members!!!

 Quality time is what we're all about!




Many of us truly have first-hand experience with how significantly the mind and body can work together with medical science to heal and beat the odds in strength, endurance, and perseverance! Fun For Cure, Inc. believes that it is extremely important to find recreational opportunities that motivate the children to pursue their dreams along with their families and other group members. The children of all ages will be able to develop special friendships through FREE meetings, planned low-cost events and activities, and age/interest appropriate groups. Our families will enjoy FREE coffee and refreshments as well!

American health care today must collaborate with other human service fields in order to reach its full potential! Physical and Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Art and Music Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation (just to name a few), are extremely closely related to medical science and health care when it comes to achieving the highest standards of wellness and health. Fun For Cure, Inc.'s foundation is built upon the premises of many human service fields. Therapeutic Recreation, for example, emphasizes the development of individual strengths and abilities of children with special or medical needs through professional goal-oriented programs under the guidance of Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists. Resources and information will be available for all members and their families regarding the many aspects of the human service fields, such as Therapeutic Recreation and the standards and practices of the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.



See you in the summer 2014! We would like to thank Pat Steets for all the wonderful experiences we had at the New Rochelle Racquet Club!


Since 1992, the day after completing my undergraduate degree at Mercy College in Therapeutic Recreation and my CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) certification, I have come to learn what TR really means! I was hit by a van that day and my life was never the same again! Although I did go on to finish my Master of Science in Education, I would never experience the lesson I learned back on that day in the early ninety’s! I had 12 broken bones and a crushed pelvis, cuts from head to toe, and my face needed stitches on the scene due to a gaping hole in my upper lip. After 10 days in intensive care and 20 in the hospital, I also needed 6 months of rehabilitation. My passion for skiing and bicycle riding kept me hanging in there and working hard at healing! I remembered all the important aspects of TR and used them to come to my own treatment plan! TR for ill or injured people truly increases their stamina, outlook, hope, and overall ability to cope and heal! And it surely helped me! My goal was to ski as soon as medically possible, and when I got the OK, I was out on the slopes!

But even way before that time, back in my childhood, after my brother’s death from Leukemia in 1973, I realized I wanted to have a career in the “helping” fields….. I felt a strong appreciation for Recreation, Art, and Music, realizing that my brother would have had a much better quality of life if he had more opportunity to play his guitar and join a group of children for adaptive art or fitness sessions in the hospital. It was very hard emotionally for my parents and me at that time, dealing with losing him. I suffered from depression and severe anxiety at age 16 stemming from the adjustment period after his death without any counseling or therapy. My parents had their share of emotional scars, as well I’m sure TR would have helped us back then…

Over two decades later, I came to realize that so much has improved health care and human services. We now truly look at the whole person rather than just the illness. We look at the person’s ABILITIES, whether typically or differently-abled. We realize that a person’s mind, body, and spirit all work together. Spirituality and family support are major factors in mind/body health. Personally, my will to ski and bike again, as well as my involvement with my family and church, had motivated me and given me self-confidence and enthusiasm toward my own recovery! 

My life continued on an upward path as wonderful – marriage, three beautiful children, continuing my Education, and enjoying a career in art and TR. Unfortunately, in 2006, my son was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. He had endured more pain and suffering than I would ever want to believe, and still is experiencing a life of hospital procedures, medications, diet, and procedures and treatments. He is the reason I founded Fun For Cure, Inc., although my brother’s death at 9 years old set the foundation. I put a small blurb about my son in our website, when he was accidentally medically overdosed and had to needlessly suffer from the toxemia for a long period of time – in addition to all his Crohn’s ailments.

The reason I love my position as Founder and President of Fun For Cure, Inc. is because I get to honor both my brother and son by helping other children like them. I hope you can join our free membership and benefit from the free programs and services we offer. Thank you for reading my story and being a part of Fun For Cure, Inc.

Florence Pecoraro MSEd, Founder

Fun For Cure, Inc.

914 588 5069









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Email us to find out when our nearest meeting or activity will take place!      

When a loved one is ill it is too easy to put fun and excitement on the back burner. The illness may start to become overwhelming!

Our families are all of YOU!  You are reading this because you know a child with a chronic condition, medical needs or special needs.  Families can become tense and exhausted. Family members may need a healthy outlet for their stress.  They may need rejuvenation or respite.  Coping and healing is much easier when the mind and spirit is positive and hopeful!

Children with special and medical needs especially need be MOTIVATED and to ENJOY LIFE!  They need to feel EMPOWERED!  They need to have a guaranteed safe and special place to come to with their families !

Fun For Cure, Inc. is based on fun and quality time. It is in many ways holistic and therapeutic.  Our members are families like yours who wish to grow stronger and closer to each other, despite the hectic schedules and difficult situations they may endure.  Each week we meet to support one another and plan events or activities to meet the needs and abilities of the participants.  Healing is a total mind and body process, and we all know that FUN and laughter is the best medicine!

Each group is led by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Certified Teacher, Art therapist, or School Counselor who aids in the planning and implementation of a variety of activities.  These activities may help strengthen the physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities of the children.  We will also have resources available for any member interested in finding out about Therapeutic Recreation, Art Therapy, Music Therapy, or a related form of holistic healing. We follow universal safety precautions and respect the privacy of all our members. We insure that no contagious infections or illness are brought to our meetings or events. 
Medical treatment can be very stressful, to say the least.  Children receiving medical treatment need a way to relieve stress through healthy and rewarding experiences.  The ongoing Fun For Cure, Inc. groups and meetings will provide the opportunity for the children to share their thoughts and feelings with their peers.  They will look forward to collaborating with each other about their recreational dreams and how they can achieve them as a group.

The whole family can join in these most rewarding experiences!

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Therapeutic Recreation Support... Where the Journey Is the Goal!!!

For Children with Special and/or Medical Needs and Those At Risk for Abuse or Neglect

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