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 Fun For Cure, Inc.  Good Deeds Network


  Good Deeds bring Families together!  

  When we help others, we help ourselves!  

  Doing Good Deeds builds unity, friendship, family bonding, fulfillment and purpose!  





  Senior Citizens

  Factory Farm Animals

  Factory Farm Workers


   During this Pandemic, Fun For Cure, Inc. has been working diligently to create innovative remote TR        programs for kids and families.  

  But we are now expanding our mission to senior citizens - on of the country's most isolated and severely    affected populations during this health crisis.  

  Please join our Good Deed Network to help us collaborate ideas and solutions for meeting the needs of      the aged in our community, whether at home or in nursing facilities.

  Sign up for our FREE network of Good Deed Doers by contacting: or 


  We are also currently advocating for another forgotten group ....

   Factory Farm Animals and Factory Farm Workers

  You may say "Huh?"

  Well, that shows how forgotten they are! 

  We will advocate for them via social media...  

  Never allowed to see what goes on behind closed doors - it is our only way to help the victims trapped      inside...

  Horrific hells for both the animals and workers...  Look at videos of slaughterhouses and factory farms..  #slaughterhouses #Dominion #Earthlings


  What We Do:


  We collaborate via social media to share ideas about spreadng the word, reaching out to those in need, and advocate for others who need a voice.  

   We visit the elderly and homebound. 

  We meet via Zoom, plan events, and spread the word to others who can help.

  We invite our families and children to help out!

   Contact  or





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