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April 2024

We are so very grateful to the Harris family for being our biggest private donor since our Covid 19 shut down!!! 

Without Aly and her two sons, Padraig and Jack, we would not be able to implement our Spring 2024 Adaptive Tennis FUN Program! 

Jack and Padraig have been amazing volunteers since before Covid hit and continue to dedicate their time and energy for our tennis and hiking programs! 

The children always love to share their tennis experience with Jack and Padraig, truly creating fond memories and boosting their motivation to try out their new skills!

Again, on behalf of Fun For Cure, Inc. and the families we serve, I thank you Aly, Jack and Padraig for your super wonderful dedication and generousity!


June 2020

YES!  WE DID IT AGAIN! Even in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic!

Adaptive Tennis FUN is the BEST!!!







                                                                          Our Very First Recital! 

             Was an Award Winning Success!         May 2019

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NEW...  Virtual ONLINE Guitar and Singing Sessions for children with special and medical needs

Families welcome!  Just $10 per session - 5 sessions in each program


IF INTERESTED Please Send us Your AVAILABILITY!!!  Contact: or



Have a FUN time with Adelise!


Teen guitar player and singer/performer!

Just $10 per group session!


For preschoolers, teens, and tweens with special and medical needs.

Siblings and Families welcome FREE!


Dates and Times To Be Determined by YOUR Schedule!

To SIGN UP and Give Us Your Preferred Times/Dates:

Contact:  or:


Please note:
The date is incorrect, it was 1992 (not 1982) when Florence graduated Mercy College as a transfer student from WCC.
Here is a Westchester Community College Voyager Magazine cover photo from 2015 with Flo Pecoraro-Egan (Founder of Fun For Cure, Inc.) and some of our wonderful volunteers who have made a difference in the lives of so many kids with special and medical needs!
Our Founder, Flo Pecoraro-Egan, is a WCC alumni, as well as Mercy College and LIU graduate school alumni 2008.
We've been spreading the good deeds and bonding around since 2009, when Fun For Cure, Inc. was first incorporated and approved as a 501(c)(3)
Here is the Alumni Magazine Article from back in 2015
Thank you to our dedicated volunteers and wonderful tennis players who helped with this alumni magazine cover photo!


Therapeutic Recreation Support... Where the Journey Is the Goal!!!

For Children with Special and/or Medical Needs and Those At Risk for Abuse or Neglect

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